Embroidery Digitizing

Simple Steps To Follow For Applique Embroidery Digitizing Services?

The method of applique embroidery digitizing services over the image to use for an embroidery project involves a few steps. However, every single step should be taken with utmost care as it is very easy to make up the mistakes. Here is how you can digitize for applique embroidery:

Step 1: Make selection of Right Image

Find an image to get it easily downloaded. There are a lot of factors that will influence how much the stitched model will resemble the original image. Therefore just make sure that you keep those factors in mind when choosing an image.

Step 2: Adjust the Proper Size

When it comes to tweaking the size of the image, the general idea is somehow not to shrink it too much as it will affect the appearance of the final product. Resizing from the course of 4:3 ratios to a different one are known to result in a poor quality image, so just refrain from changing up the proportions too much.

Step 3: Set the Colors

Few of the colors will translate into more fidelity, and since there are fairly many limited tones that can be applied using an embroidery machine. Nevertheless, any image with fewer colors is preferred to achieve a crisper look.

Step 4: Adjust the Image Settings

One of the first things that anyone should do before starting the digitizing for embroidery is to toy with the image’s settings. In addition to the colors, you can also make the use of photo manipulation software to manipulate other elements of the image. If in the condition you are planning on embroidering a model that contains text, then make sure that the text is complete bolder rather than thinner so that it will be much more legible.

Step 5: Start to Load the File

After you have tweaked the image as for a bit, it is now time to load the file into the digitization software. There are so many of these that are available online, so you might want to try a few of them out to know that simply suit your needs and preference the best. Once you have loaded the file, just give the machine some time to do its magic.

Step 6: Get it Stitch

When the machine is finished with the applique embroidery digitizing services, you will now have an estimated time, as well as a stitch count, and other information on what is going into the final version. Some machines can even somehow divide the colors and shapes into layers. This would be allowing the user to know which elements are stitched first rather than which colors complete is prioritized.

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