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Chain Stitch Embroidery

chain stitch embroidery digitizing

If you have ever glanced through embroidery book, vintage varieties especially, it may be a bit overwhelming when you try to understand the different types of stitches that the pattern may require. About some stitches may seem too laborious or challenging perhaps, but don’t be afraid of. Hand embroidery stitches are fun and can be fairly easy to practice. Chain stitch is something everyone has heard, but do not like to do. Why? Because it is very laborious. It does not always come out well, it uses a lot of floss. However, chain stitches create a thick, texture line, nice and coarse grain. This technique will ensure that they are always presented perfectly. You can follow the simple four steps and get commanded on chain Stitch embroidery designs as well.

Steps for chain Stitch embroidery digitizing :

Step 1

As long as we can see the image, we can vectorize it! Jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, PSD, bmp, Png, doc, pdf, ppt, pub, pct and the like. We can also create vector files from scanned sketches – just send us your file by email, and we’ll give you a quote.

Step 2

Pin the cut-out stars to your dishcloths, not to move on

Step 3

Complicated and basic steps start her. First, thread a tapestry needle with a few feet of yarn in the desired color. Working from the underside of the dishcloth, insert and pull the needle up through the stitch above one of the points. Insert the needle back into the exact same stitch, but don’t pull all of the yarn back through, then immediately insert and pull the needle up through a nearby stitch.

Step 4

At this point, the objective is to toss that little loop of yarn over the point of the needle and then pull the yarn taut. You’re basically creating a sort of hitch by creating a loop of yarn, tossing that yarn over the point of the needle and then pulling on the needle until the yarn is secured. This photo shows the latter part of that process, the yarn had already been looped over the needle and now we’re pulling it tight. Digitizingzone is a company providing chain stitch embroidery services and single chain stitch embroidery as well. People are very satisfied and giving positive feedback. If you are looking for the chain stitches services than you are absolutely in a right place. Make a single call to book your order or contact us Via Email.

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Chain Stitch Embroidery