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Applique embroidery digitizing is needlework technique in which small pieces of cloth are stitched to a base cloth. For those who do not know that what is applique embroidery and from where it originated, this word applique is a French word and means to apply. It is also known as patchwork and widely used to create bright and distinctive designs in quilts and in clothes. This technique started hundreds of years back all over the world when people fixed their ripped clothes and they sew over the piece of cloth over the ripped cloth

Appliques are made with beads sequins, cords, ribbons or any other materials. The fabric is cut out in different shapes and sewn or glued onto the base. Paperwork applique is easy. Usually, young crafters are trained using this technique as long as their use of scissors is supervised. The applique material should be applied tightly. Apart from ornamental handmade applique designs, it is also possible to make applique with a sewing machine. Some crafters take pleasure in applying paper applique, this paper applique is made a complete replica of the textile design before applying it to the final project. Appliques are also used in batches.

Tips of Applique digitizing :

Digitizing applique embroidery designs starts with introducing the image file to the embroidery digitizing software. If the imported image small, increase its dimension to the obligatory size that has to be embroidered. After closing the nodes, edit them by dragging and resizing them close to the actual outline. During this process, zoom in carefully to view and edit the details accordingly. Applique embroidery digitizing can be done with the help of given three stitches that are used separately in digitizing procedure.

  • Freezer applique.
  • Fusible applique.
  • Needle turn applique.

It allows you to show your creativity by using any piece of fabric kept near to you. You can use applique to embellish an inexpensive gift very quickly. You can make your own kind of awesomely awesome applique design by just following the simple 9 steps:

  • Find out a unique applique design.
  • Hoop the material
  • Create design outline.
  • Tack the stitches around.
  • Cut the piece of fabric according to the stitches.
  • A litter more trimming for better touch.
  • Final stitches.
  • Make two sets of stitches
  • That’s it. Enjoy.

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Applique Embroidery