Photo Digitizing

Photo Digitizing

is growing rapidly, people moving forward to it and love with its services. The excitement is beyond when you gift to someone your digitiz ed photo shirt, it is just so perfect to gift. People look for the companies providing the best services in an affordable way. If you are one of them than you are absolutely on the right web. Digitizingzone is a company providing

photo digitizing services

for years and best in its job.

Realistic photo digitizing:

Digitizing your favorite photos or images (faces, landscapes, animals, cars, etc.) into a digitized format will make your excitement double and you will be thrilled with the result.The advantages of digitized images:

The real life looks:

Regular digitizing does not match the result of the digitized picture. You and your client will be very excited.

Low Stitch Count:

Digitized image stitches files are much lighter than a regular digitized file. Now, you can more quickly embroidery them at a lower cost.

Preferential price:

The prices will depend on the design complexity.

Customer’s selling points:

  • Any image can be turned into embroidery digitizing.
  • Digitizing new and refreshing concept
  • A fantastic gift
  • Looks awesomely awesome when worn or framed


Background/Base color:

The white base cover is preferred for the designs, but if you want to choose some else color for the base or background, do let us know about. We will digitize accordingly.


Although we can make photo stitches in any size, we keep a minimum of 4 for best results

Artwork Quality:

We ask that your artwork be of high resolution or as clear as possible. All file formats are acceptable


We are admired by everyone because of our best and fastest turnaround time ever. We tried our best to provide you the best quality and complete a design within 24 hours, but if a customer is in rush, we will digitize for him on priority bases in just 6 to 8 hours. Actually, it all depends on the complexity of the design. If you have any query still you can read our Terms & Conditions as well to get answered about.

The best quality is the most important:

100% sure you get the high quality design. We provide unparalleled

quality digitizing embroidery services.

24 hours unlimited support:

As we provide round-the-clock service, you can feel free to contact us. We will be there to help you with any query or confusion.

Highly sensitive customer service:

We do not provide extra costs for emergency orders. We offer our clients a free quote for all

embroidery digitizing projects


We provide live chat, phone, and email. Our customer service staff is good at providing friendly and knowledgeable answers to your questions.