digitizingzone is a company providing embroidery digitizing service for years and getting great feedback in a positive way. Our professionals are expert enough to create every single design, does not matter how much complicated it will be. digitizingzone is here to cater your need in a professional way. We offer custom embroidery digitizing, basic embroidery designs, cheap embroidery digitization, graphical artwork for a variety of fabrics, textures, garments, and apparel as well.

The included services are:

  • Embroidery Digitizing

  • Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing

  • Puff Digitizing

  • Color Separation

  • Vector Art Services

  • Screen Printing Services

  • Laser Cutting Services

  • Plotter Cutting Services

  • Applique Embroidery Services

  • Machine Embroidery Services

  • Cap Digitizing

  • Sleeves Digitizing

  • Gloves Digitizing

  • Towel Digitizing

  • Logo Digitizing

  • Fading Embroidery

  • Caps or 3D Embroidery

  • Photo Embroidery

  • Cross Stitch Embroidery

We provide services round the clock, our 24/7 call service will help you to get answered as well. Turnaround time is 24 hours, however, for emergency services, the time will be 8 hours or may be less than 8 hours, all depends on the design complexity and your need.

If you are looking for the best digitizing company , your waiting time is over now. You are exactly at the right place as the company is serving in digitising industry for more than 11 years. Their experts tend this company into the best as well. They will create or design your imaginations. You just need to pick up your phone to make a call to us or place an order by simply following the instructions given on the website for a free quote as well.

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