Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing

As we talk about the custom design embroidery digitizing , then it is all about stitches. It is the stitches that bring perfection in your whole embroidery design at the end of the day. Best stitches can just be made possible if you perform the right selection of the floss. Let's help you a little bit! Here we have the rundown choices of some best and top perfect threads to be used in embroidery digitizing.
Most common threads to be used in custom design embroidery digitizing are the cotton, silk, and wool. Let's share their important features with you:


Stranded cotton is also sometimes also just referred to as embroidery floss is known out to be one of the most popular options. You would be finding it is accessible at all the major crafting stores, and it comes in a wide range of colors than you could ever possibly need.
It is called stranded for the reason that it is created into the six separate, as well as fine threads, which can easily be pulled apart. Hence every single section of the fine threads is made up of two even thinner plies that are softly twisted together.

Perle cotton

On the next, we have the name of people cotton! It is defined as the form of non-divisible embroidery thread. It is used for needlepoint and surface embroidery. This thread is providing with the features of being tightly twisted that would be giving your project a more textured effect than regular cotton floss. It is a little bit heavier than floss, therefore, the line stitches like stem stitch, and chain stitch usually sit higher up on the fabric, compared to the same stitches worked with floss.
Perle cotton is much available for the users as in four sizes which you can use in your needlework such as #3, #5, #8 and #12. In it, #3 is the heaviest, and #12 is the finest.


Silk is popularly named to be the Cadillac of embroidery threads. It is the strongest of all. Silk is divided into two categories. One is the spun silk where it is made from broken and leftover cocoons, and second is the filament silk, which is made from single silk filaments as they are pulled from the whole cocoon.


Wool custom design embroidery digitizing floss is last on the list! It is also known by the name of crewel wool or tapestry wool. If you have been searching for the stitch something that looks and feels a little fuzzy, you know where to turn yourself, and it is right to the wool thread option! It is much thick in the texture and hence covers quickly.