Which Is Best Screen Printing Or Embroidery Digitizing For Marketing Perspective

This can be very difficult when you have to choose two processes 'screen printing' or 'embroidery'. So hopefully the following information will help you to choose the best for your project. Screen printing and embroidery are mainly used for promotional clothing, so choosing the best process for promoting your company is a very important decision. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but they either have a huge impact on potential customers.

The main advantage between them is speed, and once the entire process is completed, screen printing has many stages to make the screen, and some companies produce about 20,000 T-shirts per day. Embroidery platforms are digital, and most designs are small, but when you have a complex design, it can take hours to digitize, and you can only produce up to 8 designs at a time.

Sustainability is a major issue because screen printing is an option compared to digital transmission, but when it comes to embroidery, it wins. Screen printing is produced by using ink, so after a period of time and multiple washes, the ink begins to deteriorate, which is much slower than transfer but loses color faster than the embroidery thread. Embroidery is the perfect choice for business wear as they can be washed at high temperatures and multiple times.

For most people, cost-effectiveness is the most important issue because it is not cheap to apply these techniques to clothing. Most of the cost comes down to design, if you have a small left chest 1 color design, if you see the other end of the scale, the design is large, there are multiple colors, the screen will become very much the same expensive, the program can have thousands needle. The two are basically smooth, but the print setup costs 240 pounds and the embroidery program is about 120 pounds.

My personal view of this theme is that screen printing is more effective in promoting clothing when trying to sell products and embroidery for corporate clothing, but overall they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Screen printing is a fast and trouble-free technique that applies a specific design to the necessary clothing or fabric. With the latest trends in the fashion world, custom screen printing has become very popular. For today's young people's T-shirts and clothing, screen printing can meet every customer. Shirts and T-shirts can be decorated with bright, colorful prints and patterns. It brings a glamorous and appealing look to the garment. This is the most effective way to attract more customers.

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